I ask myself

  • I ask myself sometimes why?
  • Not to obtain an answer,
  • Not that I really want to know an answer,
  • The powerful word with 3 letters WHY begins a thought process.
  • What good is thought without a solution?
  • Frankly, who really cares,
  • All have the means to conclude an answer,
  • So, I say unto you, so then, why shall I provide your answer?
  • The wisdom is my knowledge, you gain from your own efforts.
  • So go forth, seek the answer to WHY I do and I will my wisdom benefits as yours will but only if you provoke an effort.

A crazy day

  • What is a crazy day?
  • A day when anything goes.
  • A day when nothing gets done.
  • A day that you actually have fun regardless of how bizarre it may be for you or others
  • A day when nothing goes right but who cares, it’ll be ok.
  • Just a day to act and be crazy, alone or with others.

I like crazy days, I do not get to have many any longer but yes, they get crazy..

A world of turmoil

I listen to FOX Business News.  So many concerns about what Europe’s population and Governments are going through today over changes of the European Union.  Is this turmoil a sign of governmental changes and status within the world?

Apple has lost its standing, Amazon and Microsoft are the top money companies of the world..  I use both in my daily life.  I have never liked Apple for some reason, and I know not why.

A world of turmoil, watch carefully as it may get out of hand.


December 7, 1941, America’s President declared the date would be in infamy.  The world changed that day, the day when America was attacked and all hell broke out around the world.  May the world remember and understand what happened.

…gon, have you ever

At the meal this morning the noun for 4 sided, 5 sided all came up.  I looked up the names for every 1-10 figures.  I noticed that 1 and 2 sided figures do not carry a gon name.  I believe it was 9 sided actually had either or type name.  Now I am wondering what is a 50 sided figure called?  But again I really do not care because I probably cannot pronounce it anyway.

…gon, have you ever wondered about the polygons tree?