Sad news

My last post was about the news media criticizing Bush 43 for dropping a tear while talking about his dad Bush 41, his life, love, and his passing.  I think he is entitled to drop a tear, no harm in that, in fact, it is respect and family love.

Now, today I see other news releases criticizing President Trump and his wife for not taking the prayer recital.  He has that right and he can still believe in a GOD of his choice.  The news needs to butt out and report on worthy news.

Sad news

3 thoughts on “Sad news

  1. Bush Has every right to cry! I wonder who specifically criticized him so I can stop watching them. I remember when a particular team on some network criticized Obama for wearing a tan suit. I try not to blame everyone for the pettiness of a few.
    Now, about people criticizing Trump for not praying -I have to wonder if any of the other people on that row would have been criticized for not praying. Do we hold them all to the same standard ?

    1. I was beginning to feel that I was alone. Thank you for your comment. Which one? Many. Go on youtube and you will find them. I hardly watch the news, Fox Business during the day sometimes. It is so fake and one-sided.

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