My world

I am about to be off to my world in order to clear my little rusty mind and rest, relax, and stabilize my thoughts for tomorrow.  My world is secluded and only I can receive benefit from being there.

The word is rain again tomorrow evening and all weekend.  Maybe some snowflakes might drop by for a short visit.  I will dwell in my world for the weekend and play catch-up with things that I have neglected over the week.

Sad news

My last post was about the news media criticizing Bush 43 for dropping a tear while talking about his dad Bush 41, his life, love, and his passing.  I think he is entitled to drop a tear, no harm in that, in fact, it is respect and family love.

Now, today I see other news releases criticizing President Trump and his wife for not taking the prayer recital.  He has that right and he can still believe in a GOD of his choice.  The news needs to butt out and report on worthy news.

Sad news