A purpose in life

I learned today that I may have a talent that I know nothing about.  I, one with a perspicacious understanding of many things, may just be an unknown talent.  I could only hope the purpose in life was availed to me in some form.  I am me, and I shall not dwell about any other.

Is it? An ensnare

In a court room the attorney questions in a way to get an answer that he desires and not necessarily the true answer.  Is it? An ensnare?  Probably and most likely, dependent of course on the witness being questioned.  If a prosecutor is submitting the question for an answer then for sure you can get the impression that it is an ensnare.  The defense attorney on the other hand may be submitting the question to obtain an answer to a quite his client of any wrong doing.

Is it? an ensnare?

I like me at times

I woke this morning with a minimal amount of sleep behind me.  I did sleep hard and without disturbance until my light system woke me.  I got myself up and dressed, took care of my routine activities and here I am awake and communicating.

The course of my late afternoon and the night of last is as follows:

  • I have been waiting for a package all day, UPS has it.
  • I receive a delivery update about 7Pm that delivery attempted, retry tomorrow.
  • I have been home waiting on it to come.  So I will concede once.
  • A friend wanted to come over to wash clothes.  I said ok, they get off work at 8pm.
  • They get here about 9pm, the gate opening setup did not work, I have to go to the gate to open the gate for them.  Ok, I get the car out of the garage and go up there.
  • They come down , began to wash, asked what I have to drink, knowing that I drink diet drinks.  So they drink a diet Mountain Dew.
  • I told them I had ice cream, they got some.  She opened a frozen pie, thawed  it and ate some, I find it back in the freezer.  It will stay there for a few days then I will trash it.  I was not raised to re-freeze foods that I have thawed.
  • We watched TV while they washed and dried the clothes.  The towels did not get dried and she left them here to finish drying, cool but at 1:30AM  I got up and turned them off until later when people are not sleeping.
  • I am up at 4:15AM dressing, routine at 5:19 AM, and now I am here talking about it.

Sometimes I actually like me, for what reason I know not!  But I know deep down I am a good person, I hold back so many things at times, then one day I open-up to clean house and let the trash out.  I still like me regardless.