The change is on the way

The weather is about to change to cold mid 30s.  That is cold to me these days.  I put my car in the garage so it will be warm and I will be warm in the apartment.  I have a bit of company coming tonight, I guess it is the wash day for them, it has been a while since they drop by to wash clothes, watch TV, and text.  I do not know if her little girl is coming or not or her man friend.  I have been here all day waiting on her, thought she was off, not, she went into work.  I also had a package coming today, I just got a message that the delivery was attempted and of course the gate is closed, so did they look me up at the box.  No!  UPS/  I guess I will get use to this kind of thing one day.

The change is on the way in the weather.

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