Saturday will bring

Saturday will bring to each of us the 1st day of December.  Christmas is just around the corner and, of course, New Years celebrations soon afterward.  I think that we may have some weather between now and then, as in snow, and cold days.  It will rain a lot.  The sooner it is over with the sooner Happy Bird will return and sing more good songs.

Lights out, the bed is screaming for me.

Today and Last evening

Today and last evening I’ve had people coming by at some unknown time so I never got motivated.  Yesterday afternoon I was able to run down to Best Buy and I purchased a graphics pen tablet set and I have been trying to learn about it ever since.  It is not hard just my knowledge is rusty.  I had to take a few minutes break/  Tomorrow is Friday and a payday, kin need not apply, so I have been preparing my bills also.

I am so tired of all of the advertisements for mostly fake bargains.

Today and last evening.