A great night for a night dream

Since I started this activity earlier this year much has blessed me in my efforts to hang in there.  When I awake in the morning and rise with the sun, I come to mail first then to WP just to see where I need to start from.  I am inspired to enter into the day with a purpose.  I am encouraged by so many and entertained the same.  Talent I have none but interest in what I do I appreciate.  With each post, I travel around the world as I use to when I was in the military.  I miss the true travel adventures but I now try to do it in a print.

A daydream it is not, a great night for a night dream it is.

The noon meal

Let me say that the noon meal was very good, I did save some for later also.  I do this from time to time.  I felt that today was a good day to eat and be happy.

I will say also that I am flooded with ads for Christmas, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday sale goods.  I know it is not just myself that are getting these ads I just click them and let them go by.  I would hate to see my trash box on the email folders.

The noon meal was very good, and thank you.

For a friend

For a friend, I did help him with his application for work at Home Depot.  It was funny how he answered some of the questions and I do know him to be totally reversed in real life.  But anyway I guess it does not hurt to be helpful sometimes.

I, after we parted ways, went over to the Wal-Mart and saw a long time friend for a few minutes.  She looked great.

So today, for a friend.