My back

My lower back is bothering me so I had to add an additional pill tonight.  I think they work a little, over the counter so not very strong.  I rested pretty well last night and I took one but as with anything else it comes and goes.

My lower back is bothering me tonight.

My bed

My bed is crying, I have been watching a movie, and I have completed my routines for today, so bed you can hush I will be there soon.

As I woke this morning the weather was very windy and wet, it had been but was not at the time raining.  I came home and waited to almost evening and housed my SUV in the garage for the night.

A friend wants me to take him to Home Depot to apply for a job.  He does not know how to work a computer so he has asked me to help.  I can be nice in the morning but had no plans to go out today and drive 20 miles to help.

Ok a few more of these and I am bedding down for the night.