Buy a product, survey it

SUNPAK ULTRA 7000 TM Tripod.  I think I purchased the one that I have from Best Buy.  They are sold in many places throughout the store world.  I just looked it up on the net and it is there as flashy as it can be for a product.  I wanted to give it a half star since I am so pleased with it but lo and behold I could not make any reviews about it.  The one that I have, and from the reviews I read, similar problems also occurred with other users, the head handle broke on the one that I have last evening.  Replacement parts?  I do not think it can be done.  I bought it because it looked heavy-duty but it is like many other items made with heavy-duty cheap plastic to make it look pretty to the eyes.

I no longer will buy a product and say nice things about it unless I am 100% happy with it.

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