LinkedIn at 899

At this time I am at 899 connections. I feel accomplished.

A solid sleep

A solid sleep overcame me last evening and continued until the routine generation kicked in this morning around 4:58 AM EST.  I completed my routine and sit around for a bit, ate something for a completion of my routine requirements and then my recliner was so gracious in letting me sit on its lap and I went back into the sleep world of self-induced darkness.  I woke to repeat a routine requirement at 10:30 AM EST and I have been up since.  I am up for the day with no plans of doing anything external of my apartment.

A theory in Reality

Relativity has been said to be E=MC²

Reality is being theorized.  It does kind of make sense in what is being said but as a sane reality element, I cannot relate a puzzle to the existence of life.

My reference to the above is a couple of cuts on YouTube produced by a study group in San Diego, CA relating reality to physic and mathematics and calling the study E8 (8 dimensional) and to crystals.

Wake up Einstein they are trying to beat your time.


Buy a product, survey it

SUNPAK ULTRA 7000 TM Tripod.  I think I purchased the one that I have from Best Buy.  They are sold in many places throughout the store world.  I just looked it up on the net and it is there as flashy as it can be for a product.  I wanted to give it a half star since I am so pleased with it but lo and behold I could not make any reviews about it.  The one that I have, and from the reviews I read, similar problems also occurred with other users, the head handle broke on the one that I have last evening.  Replacement parts?  I do not think it can be done.  I bought it because it looked heavy-duty but it is like many other items made with heavy-duty cheap plastic to make it look pretty to the eyes.

I no longer will buy a product and say nice things about it unless I am 100% happy with it.