A member of the routine generation

I submit myself as a member of the routine generation, and proud of it now.  What is the routine generation?  I am glad you asked that question.  As I became older my medical requirements began to control my every move.  I am up right now because of that requirement in my life.  Medicate, hesitate, eat, and move on to the next activity.  Everything is based on time and the movement of the watch or clock.  Many have asked why do you not do this or that?  Well, I so wish that was on my life schedule but it is not.

I wish it was a cyber issue and I do incorporate cyber in my life often routine controls my life.  Can you imagine Robby the Robot telling you what to do each day, kinda like the “Machine” on the TV series “A person of interest”?  Or  Matilda the robot telling you to take out the trash, do this and do that.

I am a member of the routine generation.

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