A transition is about to happen

The next holiday is Christmas, then New Years, a look at the calendar provides additional information on a transition which is about to happen.  This week will end at midnight tonight, the last weekend of November will be here with so much going on under the guise of a continuation of Black Friday.  Never fear we will make it through this year in good standings.  We will be merry, happy and ready to tackle another year of good tidings.

A transition is about to happen.

The true value of a manifesto

The publishment of a manifesto declaring a commitment to a said support for a project really has no true value until it is consummated by a proven investment.  The politician that presents a manifesto while running for office is blowing smoke until funding or approval is granted.  Talk is cheap even if in written form without the proper approval steps are taken.

The true value of a manifesto.

A member of the routine generation

I submit myself as a member of the routine generation, and proud of it now.  What is the routine generation?  I am glad you asked that question.  As I became older my medical requirements began to control my every move.  I am up right now because of that requirement in my life.  Medicate, hesitate, eat, and move on to the next activity.  Everything is based on time and the movement of the watch or clock.  Many have asked why do you not do this or that?  Well, I so wish that was on my life schedule but it is not.

I wish it was a cyber issue and I do incorporate cyber in my life often routine controls my life.  Can you imagine Robby the Robot telling you what to do each day, kinda like the “Machine” on the TV series “A person of interest”?  Or  Matilda the robot telling you to take out the trash, do this and do that.

I am a member of the routine generation.

A Black Friday revelation

Today the greed of business is all around us.  The “discounted” goods, mostly made in China and consumed in America, are on display all over and in most large stores enticing purchasers to buy for Christmas.  So many fall into that trap each year, now I will admit they’re some good discounts out there but for the most part it is a trap.  The advertisements are at the printers now being printed for next week’s distribution to encourage the populations to come out and take advantage of the extended Black Friday bargains  This will go on until and till the stores close on Christmas eve night.

The day after Christmas is when you will start finding discounts because the stores will be trying to get rid of all items remaining on the shelves before they have to pay tax on them.

Be happy it is a Black Friday revelation.