Debarkation into a relaxation

I am about to enter into a debarkation into a relaxation time now.  I do not know what I will do with my time or watch during my time, but something.  It will soon be time to down some kind of food stuff, I know not what yet.  It will most likely not be good for me according to the nutritionist, but this ok today.  I may or may not plague this place later tonight with noise, but again who knows.

So as I debark into another world for a while, relax and enjoy yourself.  I will to the best of my ability.

I say not, as I know not

As I finger my keys to produce a word, relative or not, I wonder if the word is correct or not.  Most of the time I say not, as I know not if I am right or not.  My fingers wander over a board of keys, they seem to know where they are going and for what they are doing, I know not, so I say not as to know.  At one time years past, a 120 wpm production was almost with error, today a 20 wpm production has two or three errors.  Can it be that I am out of shape, that my fingers are old and losing direction, or the old mind has lost its gyros of directing the fingers?

I say not, as I know not.

Good vibrations

Years ago the Beach Boys had a song “Good Vibrations”, that is the way I feel right now.  I think I have finally done something right, and of course with your talented people’s help. I do not give up.  I have a new look, tabs in the making, and a promise ahead.

I bring this out of history because as it is apropos today.

A departure from yesteryear

I am taking a departure from yesteryear and will move on into this year, at least for a month or so.  It all has been a great adventure to live with, a constant wonder what will be next, how will it progress, and who logic will survive the many ordeals that have tested out understandings.

A departure from yesteryear.

In store for today

In store for today, I hope to do some laundry, vacuum, wash a few dishes, relax a bit, and I am not sure after all of that, but I am sure I will relax some more.  Many others are traveling today.  My friend wants me to help him with another application today, that is after he checks in on the offer or the notice that he received last night.  I really hope he finds something, he is older than I and wants to work, I guess I could say that he has made some bad judgment calls lately that has gotten him in a bind.

That is what is in store for today for me to accomplish.