Lay back into relaxation

The time has come for me to lay back into relaxation for a while and maybe rest a few hours.  Rest? Heck, that has been my day’s routine today.  My neck and head will fit well on the pillow, no it is not a “My Pillow” just a pillow of a time gone by.  I hope that the rest of the body will be as comfortable as the neck and head.

I now lay back into relaxation.


Almost over 900

I was on LinkedIn today and I have less than 5 connections to be over 900.  I feel honored.  I will have to go on there soon and take some more courses and also update my Profile.  Only if I was younger I could have a great career, but I think I have already, retired, insured, and make great money.  It could be better but I am ok where I am so far.

Almost over 900.

Holiday travel

I am for sure glad that I do not have to travel on long weekend holidays.  The traffic will be heavy for at least 50 miles and much food is eaten.  Ball games, friends, and family and great food, that is what it is all about, to be Thankful for all one has and the so many other things.

Holiday travel soon to be.