Your Weekly Writing Update

Your vocabulary was quite voluminous last week. You used more unique words than 87% of Grammarly users.

A feed for thought

I have a luxury in my life, as do many others, to ask why is it… and for what reason?  This statement is vague but some it is complex.  A child may fill in the blanks in ways that we adults would never, an adult also may fill in the blanks differently that a child or another adult.  It may be related to things like finance, events in one’s life,  or some other bothersome topic.  A child may inject things like actions of adults, childbirth,  if you can do something then why can’t I do it, and so forth.  It is a feed for thought issue here.


Finally, I got up and around this morning and went out for a bit this morning to eat and socialize with some people who I know.  I think now I should have stayed home again but the week is young.  Thursday is Thanksgiving here in the US, Friday is “Black Friday” also known as a shopping day for those who have the time to do it.  The weekend is just that a weekend.  Many people will have all four days off, some will have to work, and others will do what they do normally.  I had someone offer to bring me a dinner plate over Thursday, I have asked them not to, but I am sure it will show up and I will do what I normally do, look at it and wonder if I should or not.

Finally, I did something already today, I got out and about.