Insults not welcome

It is possible that when my speak or writing is referred to as a Jabberwocky or gibberish, can be taken as an insult. Some years ago, a man stuttered a lot when he talked, but when he would sing his voice had no issues and he made many hit recordings. To insult someone for the way that they talk, write, or look hurts them deeply. Many will not react to the insult and will laugh with you about it, does that make it ok to keep on – NO– it does not. A great leader once told his followers when questioned about a task at hand, if you are without sin, cast the first stone.

Insults not welcome.

2 thoughts on “Insults not welcome

  1. Great post, so agree. One never knows what the other is going through or has been through. I work with a number of people who did not have the luxury of education, my call is to not judge them, and certainly not judge them by my standards. Well said.

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