Another fades away

Another day fades away into the late evening and early morning of the next day.  What shall it bring to our lives?  I see much of the same myself, It will be nice and dry, a typical Sunday morning when various congregations will gather their members for the teaching of the truth based on their religions.  Others will receive their teachings via the television or self-study by reading and study.

Another fades away.

The great loss

Today, the great loss occurred.   I was watching something, of which I think I can replay it,  and I was awake and interested in it, but I guess Charter Communications or whoever they are called today had to mess with the internet and I was down for over an hour.  It just came back on and I was not a happy person but that is ok too.  I pay the bill for the service and when they mess things up it is not their fault, so that is ok.

The great loss occurred today.

A revelation

I sit here thinking then suddenly I have a revelation from the past.  It is a good fun memory I think, I recall the early morning susurrous sounds of morning, and like clock-work, a special sound appears…it is the Happy bird singing its song of the day, a mating song or just a happy song of course only a bird comprehends and certainly not I.

A revelation from the past to reoccur again next seasons travel of Happy bird.

Extended sleep

The morning came, the lights began to turn themselves on at 3:30 AM EST, relocated from the recliner to the bed, at 5:45 AM EST medicated, back to bed until 8:07 AM EST, and now I feel fantastic.  I am fully relaxed now.  I can only remember the susurrous sounds that are normal within the apartment.

Extended sleep is great.