The night rolls through

As the rain continues to pour, the night rolls through to enjoin the morning transition toward the next day.  I foresee a restful night ahead with a normal waking.  The routine will be the same as all other days but nothing is normal for me just a routine.  It is feeling a little cooler than normal which could represent a change in the weather ahead.

Hello rain

Hello, rain you have been gone almost 12 hours and now back to aggravate people who do not like you.  As for me, I care less if you are around or not because unless I just have to I will not be out in your path.  The word is out that you will again be gone around noon tomorrow and will be away for a while.  We will see.  Remember Mr. Rain that in a few days we people will have a Thanksgiving holiday, a Black Friday (which when all of the nuts will run to the major stores to spend money believing that they are getting a deal on something.  That is not a truth).  I did it one year and I said never again.  So let me say Hello rain.

Sheltered myself from so many

During the years past, I have demonstrated many tomfooleries.  Some were good others were not so good.  I pride myself, as I sheltered myself from so many others, to have grown up good-by nature and honored my mother by staying out of trouble, how I wonder sometimes the how, and to have lived a good life.  She taught me well as it was just her and myself throughout life.  I grew up as a boy learning to be a man.  I am not sure I ever graduated to that level.

The return

At about 4:52 AM EST the mothership touched down and I departed in good feelings.  It was a great trip and visitation with friends.  Much was accomplished during the visit and I was able to rest and actually sleep some.  The Captain said that they would be back in a few days, not being specific, but I think the weekend.  Now the day ahead.

The return of the mothership.