The arrival

The arrival of the mothership will joy me at the time of the transition tonight.  I will have the pleasure of traveling out for a while and rest the night.  I could use a good restful night and I hope that the crew will compensate for my struggle and I can rest.  The arrival is soon to come.

It is so neat

Today I tried something different and I hope to get some good content from future efforts.  I took my GPS unit not as a route but as a camera.  The camera on record did record my trip home in the wet and when I copied it to my computer I was so impressed I have decided to use it that way for now on.  It makes a great record of my travels around.  I am not sure if it can record 64 g or just the 32 g.  I do not think this one trip covered more than a 1.5 g when I played it back.  The display shows the lon/lat, my speed, and times of each event.

It is so neat to record my travels from here to there and back.

It’s gone

I had a lazy shave until a few minutes ago and for some reason, my clippers got a hold of it and it is gone now.  I guess later tonight my razor will take over and it all will disappear.  Well, I can say that it does feel a little better now.  I have never been able to grow a beard even if I try from time to time.  I also do not like to shave each day but I use to very often when I was in the military.  At times I had to get a haircut twice a week.  I keep it short now, a lot changed whenever I had the chemo after cancer.

It’s gone now and I am sure I will miss it but not for long because it tends to always grow back.

It only takes one day

It only takes one day to go without listening to the news on TV then to turn it on again to see what has happened and who did what.

Whatever happened freedom and the rule of laws?  Why are so many demanding their way and holding no consideration for the rights of others?   Whatever happened to the right to speak or to think your way?

It only takes one day to realize that this world is not like it use to be.  Scares me, but I do hope that I am wrong and all of the rights and freedoms will remain a way of life for the world.  Those countries that have not had the pleasure to relate to the freedoms, I also hope that they will one day have that freedom.

It only takes one day.

Living yesterday

Yesterday, a few years back I rode a Harley, wore a patch, jacket, vest and of course the boots.  Today I am wearing the boots and jacket.  It is still raining out so I would not be riding a bike today anyway unless I was already out and got caught up in the rain somewhere.  The jacket is a little tight around the food baby area, the boots fit so far.

I was living the life a few years ago, now I wish.  Living yesterday today.