Closer and closer

Sitting here right, already have turned the Netflix off, so now I am reviewing the mail and my Social WP.  I am moving closer and closer to the recliner at which I will post my posterior for safe keeping as I hopefully will snooze for a while.  I do not see any dreams in tonight’s revelation but who knows what might shine into the mine before morning or the transition of the evening to morning.  Maybe the rain will pour and go pitter patter all night.

My package 2

After I sent the first post I received a call from the office and USPS had delivered it to them.  Hardly any of the delivery companies will deliver to the apartments any longer.  It makes no sense.  Anyway, to make the subject short I have my package and all have been put away and now I am relaxing again for a few minutes.

My package

I was supposed to receive a package today from Amazon, but I guess the ship was late due to the weather.  I did go up to the mailbox and then I remembered that it is a Government holiday because they celebrate Veterans Day on Monday so they can be off from work.  The working man has to work on Monday for much less than the Government worker.  OK, where it my package? UPS, FEDEX, USPS, and snail mail.

As promised

The forecasters were right about today, much rain when they forecasted rain to begin today and probably at 80% chance for the rest of the week.  As long as it does not freeze or anything like that  I will be content.  I will leave my vehicle out in the rain because it is shorter walking to the SUV than the garage.  I will contest that we have had a 100% chance of rain today.

What a day for

Way back in the years past, What a day for a daydream, I can vouch today is one of those days.  Much rain has fallen today, my recliner acts like a bed when I sit down.  I had YouTube on showing clips about cameras and I know it has been a number of hours now.  I neglected my goal here to author a few posts, good or bad.   I did finally get off my posterior and move to the computer and change channels.  I viewed some emails and there were many, 35 I think. So lets now see what happens.  I may be rusty with all of this water in the air.