Doing home things

I am doing home things right now as I jumble some words together on here in hopes that they will come together and make an impression on someone.  Nah, I do it for fun and that is all.  Let me see, washing clothes again, soon to wash some dishes, not many as I do not have many, and I will prep the trash for removal tomorrow.  Soon the transition will be taking place and the morning will either honor me or dishonor me.  I may video expressing my thanks to the many that I served with over the years.  I leave no one behind when I do that even if I did know them they served and I am proud of them for that effort.

Just doing home things.

A travel back in time

I was just watching a show on Netflix about Professional Bodybuilding.  I remember many years back into my younger years, comic books and various magazines had adds in them about Charles Atlas, and Joe Weider’s body building programs.  I purchased some of them but never accomplished much with the programs.  The reason for my interest was that when I joined the military in 1965, I weighed 119 soaking wet.  My sport in school was track.  I wanted some meat on me.  So how wrong I was to think that.  I gained during the military time, now it causes many problems and much pain.  I have not doubled my weight but close, as in horseshoes.

This is my travel back in time for today.

To the apothecary, the bank

I needed a couple of things, I asked “Wal-Mart or Apothecary” and to the Bank.  So I decided on just the apothecary and bank for now.  I came back home and housed my SUV in the garage.  I have what I needed plus a couple of things.  Some of the main needs will be here later in the week from Amazon.  Oh, did I say that I normally do not use the word Apothecary, I just say the drug store.  I first was exposed to the word apothecary when I was in Germany.

A little nap can wake you

I am up and out for a while, I come home and around before I sit in my recliner, and ouch I have traveled into cyber nap mode.  A little nap can wake you.  The trip took a few hours of my day before it released me back into life of delirium at which time I have woke and now here I am awake.

A look toward the outside and I see a bright sunny day and I know it is in the 40° F area.  Rain is projected later in the next few days, but the cold shall remain at out feet for at least one more day.

So now that a little nap can wake you, I am awake, so now it is some food time.

I ate simple food this morning

I ate simple food this morning, two biscuits and country ham with coffee.  By the time one pays the meal of $7 and tip of $3, $10 is shot.  I do not guess that I need to be so negative, after all, I could stay home and eat what I have here.

The weather was as predicted, cold 32° this morning when I left home.  All of the cars in the parking lot, where I live, were mostly iced over.  My car and SUV were both in the garage, no ice and kind of warm.

What am I doing today?  I think I will be on one or two of the computers writing something.  Good or bad it will be something.  I may pay a couple of bills also.