The evening transition

The evening will soon transition to early morning.  I hope to be sleeping at that time but I will have to wait and see how it will go.  I may take an intervention to aid my sleep.  Again I will have to wait and see if I make that decision.

What is on the agenda for tomorrow.  I recall nothing is scheduled.  I hope to do some writing and maybe do some Adobe content.

As the evening transition to the early morning, I hope to be in a status of sleep.

National news

Listening to the National news about the election results and the fire out west in California.  The large company General Electric is about to drop from the earth unless they can get it turned around.  Maybe one day the election will be settled in Florida and Arizona or even Georgia.  It is so sad that radicals are so corrupted.  My solution is as follows:


National news.

Aggravation by association

I guess I have no right to complain or to be upset when I know what to expect from others.  Ok here is the deal:

As I stated a few days ago about the same or similar subject in Suggestive questions, rejective decision.  I hired this person to help me here at home and I have found that they have marital problems, business problems, and provocative morals none of which I need in my life.  I will use them this month and I am sure I will have to either cut them way back or out completely.  I have decided to help by paying some in advance for this month and that will help them a little.  I am not a sugar daddy, no desire to be, nor do I have the funds for such activity.

So many suggestive questions have aggravated me by association and led me to rejective decisions.

I almost did try it

I almost did try it but I then realized that I can not spell backwards.  So I guess I failed the test to be a boustrophedon.  Anyway I can’t spell it either so I guess I am a qualified failure.

The rain has stopped for now, cool is moving in, and my cars are in the garages.  I am home for today.  People are putting up the Christmas trees already.  I will have to go to Wal-Mart and see if I can find a card with one on it. lol.

I have been also thinking about maybe moving somewhere away from here when my lease comes up for renewal.  I am not sure if when or where I will consider a move.  A mission to consider for a later time in my life.