Looks like the turkey is getting ready for dinner, Thanksgiving Dinner.  Happy to please.

What to do

What to do when a young kid ask you a question about sex?  Run for shelter, defer the kid to the parents, or color an answer to their level.

What to do when someone asks you for a loan?  A hard question to answer.  What are you comfortable with, a promise of repayment (never to come), can you afford the loss if repayment never occurs, is there a level of trust between you and the other party?  It is a personal decision and I would caution against it from experience with friends and family.

Other than the above two events I would say it is a consideration that you would most likely be uncomfortable with, at least I am: borrowing your car, borrowing tools, and so forth.

What to do when confronted?  Be careful!

Suggestive question, rejective decision

When people desire a friendship and during various conversations are entertained which in time will lead to suggestive questions.  A decision of one shall result with a rejective decision.  A friendship loan with partial payback and the offer of suggestive activities will not work and cannot be entertained.

A suggestive question, rejective decision.

Another nut case

As a second amendment advocate, a legal permitted gun owner, and right to carry member, I am so tired of the senseless shootings and loss of life that takes place just to bring attention to a nut with a gun doing harm.  I know we have gangs with guns, bikers with guns, hunters with guns, and regular people with guns but it is not often either of these four groups is causing trouble.  I know I was a biker and I carried, but it was for protection.  I carry now for the same reason.