Almost prepared for bed

I almost prepared myself for bed, then looked at the time, then I decided against it because it is early yet.  I am not sleepy anyway but the idea did sound good to me.  I had to turn the same speech for each state off as it was driving me nuts.  I did vote for him and the party but dang at least change the words some.  I also understand if he did change the words that the media would tear him apart.  I guess he is right in what he is doing.  Will find out on Tuesday night.

The weather is not yet

I have looked out of the door and I did not see where any rain had begun to fall yet.  I am sure by morning the rain will be here,  but that is ok with me as I am going to the doctor regardless of what the Robot said.  The sun was nice today.  I can not speak on the temperature because I stayed in the house.  I was thinking about going to Home Depot and look around but I never made it that way.

So, for now, the weather is not yet.