Tonight is gone for me

With this notification, I shall resign for the evening into a different world and kingdom. Nothing but I will try to sleep a little and relax some.  It has been a fun day and I figure I have given enough trouble for the world already.  So till tomorrow have a great day/night.


Dinner tonight was good and easy.  It was prepared and all I had to do is eat it.  Some kind of chicken covered with sauce, mustard potato salad, and fried okra.  it was good for me.  I do not yet know if my testing will agree with it but I hope it will.  I am done for tonight, eating that is.  I am trying to get some good results before next weeks visit to the doctor.


Been watching some reruns, of course, I do not have traditional television I use apps and Ragu, or Firestick.  It is enough for me.  Cheaper also.  Netflix is one of my most watched.  Many times I just go over to YouTube, they to have an app for movies etc.  I do not use it right now.