Darkness surrounds me

As I sit here at my desk dropping a post or two to make up for lost time, I look around me darkness surrounds me with the exception of my computer people.  I get the hint, go and prepare for the nights’ journey into rest and tranquility or silenzioso.  The cyber command ship has arrived, so I must go and embark for my journey.

Before dinner

Before dinner, I completed my testing and medication.  All was well until about a half hour afterward when I noted things going downhill and fast.  I tested again, found that my results were lower than before, so I had already begun my counter steps, and I believe the test result was showing a little higher than it actually was.  Anyway, I had to increase countermeasures because of its effect.  Hypoglycemia is no fun.  I am ok now and will soon to be doing the sleep deal as the day comes to an end.

I know there was a day

When I woke this morning and got up from my sleep time, I was encouraged of a day out here somewhere.  I must have missed it sometime today because it sure did become a short day.

I did relocate one of my desktop computers which not is sharing my desk with another one.  Some would ask why two and not just one.  Well,  You know I guess because I had nowhere else to place it.  I guess if it came down to it I could put on a YouTube or LinkedIn training video and use the other one to try to learn from the videos.  Heck, I do not know why.

The sun has risen into a Monday

The dark has passed on and the sun has risen into a Monday.  From all indications, it seems to be moving toward becoming a good Monday.  Suppose to be a warmer day and from there who knows.  My plans are open for things to do, I am sure I will find something, at least I think you will be hearing from me off and on today.

I will continue the excavation project here at the apartment.  Not really a lot to do but if one sits around and looks at it enough then yes it looks like a lot of stuff.

I do not start my doctor visits again until Thursday, I just canceled one due to a conflict, the other one which I kept I need it more anyway.

I was thinking about something funny last night so here it goes.

You know little kids will look at you, ask many questions, then from their point will come out and tell something about you to make you feel like one cent.  A camera is like a little kid and it will not hold back on what it tells about you.  A little kid does not know how to lie and not does a camera.