Home is?

They say home is where you hang your hat!  I take my hat off and throw it in a chair so I have no home.

They say home is where you spend most of your time!  Well, I guess I can relate to this, so I do have a home.

They say home is where you raise a family!  Well, I have not family to raise, I live alone, so again I guess I have no home.

I question who is “they” anyway?  When I worked or was in the military I was always questioned the same way.  The XO had a sign on his door saying that THEY lived there.

So my response is that home is where you are happy to be, with or without.

Cleared for take off

Upon the publication of this item will be cleared for take off.  Wow, that was fun the grammar checker had me to change take to taking then back to take.  I finally told it to mind its status in life and do what I tell it to do.  What does cleared for take off really mean in this posting?  Well nothing really, it is just my way of saying the mothership is about to arrive and I will debark on a morning rest period of which will conclude on or about 5 AM.

As I board for debarkation to rest-land with maybe a dream or two.

Eye of the believer

The eye of the believer is when I add fake tears to my eyes and I see as clear as glass.  Then I guess they dry out or the pressure is causing them to feel like something is under the lids.  Once I go to bed they will ease up and I will not know them to be aggravating.  I guess I am the believer and the eye is either of the two that I currently have stuck in the sockets of my face.

So I call it the Eye of the believer.

The evening concludes

The evening has been doing the dark trip and will soon pass it over to the morning to continue until the “sun” decides to wake up and show it’s face or continue with the bad weather.

I to am about to conclude my evening and try and sleep on into the morning dark.  I am not really tired right now but I will have to fake it for a few minutes until my body gives up the fight.  Oh, I am not even going to try the bed because I will end up in the recliner.  I am going to start in the recliner then wake there later into the darkness of the rotation.

The evening concludes and the morning will begin soon.