Another shooting

The act of religious terror here in America and actually the world over has got to stop.  People have some freedoms dear to them and should be able to enjoy the right

The other act of political terror also has to stop.  Any act of terror will not change the outcome of an election.

Enough of restricting the populations of the world’s freedoms and rights.

Close to bed time

The dark came in heavy tonight, I plan on being in the bed within the next two hours.  Is that good or not I do not know, but it will work for me.

As I stated this morning, I have been working with wires to lessen clutter and speed up my computers.  The network is fully functional as of now, but I have a few more tricks that I want to try.  Maybe tomorrow and hope to make it better and more workable.

I also said something about me using Azure on one project and I really do not have that level of expertise needed to use Azure.  So of course I deleted the project after trying it a few times and studying what I might do different.  Lol, yes I am back here again  The project was WordPress app.

Close to bed time, things to do, and then toss n turn.

What is time

Time is the indefinite continued progression of existence and events that occur in apparently irreversible succession from the past through the present to the future.
As shared by  Time – Wikipedia

Time is one of the most difficult studies as found in physics.  It will have a start and stop point to consider.  Time will only end at the stop point.  Once started it is real until the said stop point.  Life has a start and stop point.  A movement has a start and a stopping point.

Next weekend time will be distorted by a governmental directive.  In the spring it moves forward an hour, in the fall it moves back an hour.  Time was not established for a man to mess with.  Time is a log of events within a life.


The bicycle

The bicycle use to be, back in the day, a means for young people to get around, to operate a paper delivery service, to make a trip to the grocery to pick up some items for dinner and return home, and so many other uses.  I remember it well as I did all of the above, weather was not an option.

A few years I invested in a bicycle with gears and other things that I knew nothing about.  The seat, for sure, was to small for my body.  I purchased it because I wanted to save, and exercise all at the same time, when I completed my trip, I am not sure if I gave it away or what but it was a one trip operation.

I look around and I do not see kids doing the paper delivery service for income any more, but again they have many laws against it also.  Sad but true.

The bicycle the way of the past, a remembrance.

A pamphleteer

I ran across a good word for today: pamphleteer.  Now am I one, can I be one, would I understand how to be one, or do I want to be one?  I can say that yes writing is involved in the art as a pamphleteer but so is much organization of content.  I have seen templates but I do not think I have the expertise to even consider doing it for a living or hobby.