The lights are out

I just set down here and decided to do a post before bed.  I am doing this in the dark.  I do not have much planned for the weekend ahead, I will try and catch up on some things from the past.  It is suppose to rain some but who knows how that will go.  I have a couple of doctors next two weeks and again I will see how that goes.  I tried to activate a WordPress app in MS Azore but I did not like how it turned out so I deleted it before it became too expensive.  I feel a slight headache coming onbut again once I go to sleep I want know it.

Gone for the night…The lights are out.

Surveillance cameras

I recall way back when I was young we had no surveillance cameras scattered around to watch what people are doing.  Today, they are everywhere except bathrooms, well I am not sure about that even if I said it.  I have one here in my apartment which I use it as a toy because it did not do what I wanted it to when I purchased it.  I can travel around and take my phone out and move it around in my apartment and see my living room.  I have used it 15 miles away but I am sure I can go anywhere and hook into it and watch plus record what I see.

Technology is a great time use for study and productivity.

Call tracking app

I downloaded a call tracking app to my cell phone a few days ago.  Today I removed it because the app would control all my calls and not allow me to answer the phone from anyone.  The intent was good, however, it was troublesome to use.

Happy day 2

Today is a Happy day 2 for America, the suspect in the packages deliveries to the formal Presidents has been caught and arrested.  The market was going low but recovered a lot when the word was aired.  Great work to the American law enforcement.

Today also, my recovery continues and I feel much better but I still have a way to go.  Heck, I am even giving consideration to the other surgery where they remove and replace the lens in my eyes.

The weather is nasty out with a lot of rain so I, of course, will not be out in it.  It is a Friday, the last Friday of October.

I connected all of my computers to the router by wire this morning.  I see some improvement but it only three desktops connected.  I seem to have a better connection than when using wy-fy.

Happy day 3.