Happy days

No this is not a TV series, just me alive again back on here to express my opinion about things that I most likely know nothing about.

The migrations that are in progress and/or the making is pathetic at best.  Regardless of the intent of the individuals involved to better themselves, flooding a country to move in front of the local population does not work.  Crime can only be a result.  Starvation of family members of the invaders while living on the streets and in the parks of the communities will infuriate the local populations.

The attempted bombings were so misguided efforts of the senders.  Everyone knows that the rich and governmental officials have people screening any mail for ill intentions.  The act within itself was a misguided idea to prove a point, whatever it may have been.  The Perpetrators will pay a large price at the end, prison and a loss of freedom.  An individual decision of stupidity.

Now back to Happy days:  The doctor on Tuesday told me to get some tears for my eyes.  I purchased a bottle and I am able to see so much better and a lot of the aggravation is gone, but she also removed one of my medications from use.  She expressed that I should consider the lens replacements at a later date.  I was busy yesterday and that was the reason that I was not on here during the day.

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