The chill increases with time

The morning came with a chill

The day matured with minor warmth

In-house heat medium set

The comfort zone has been reached but slightly elevated

The truth is the chill increases with time

Proportional set allows as heat rises, the chill declines

The chill increases with time to prepare an action for comfort.

A fun day at the LAB

You know as an adult I think I can tolerate a little stick to draw blood.  I to be honest when someone does this each day many times over, why in the world is it so painful for the technician to draw blood without pain.  Yes, there is the stick, but?

Yes, I was stuck once painfully, and she did not draw enough into two vials.  Oh sorry she said, I have to draw two more, saying this after she has removed the needle.  Another stick more painful than the first one.  I was steaming without overreacting at the time.  I departed and came straight home.

I go back to the office on the 5th of Nov at 10:00 AM.