UPDATE to contact

I had to enter an update to my contact info on here.  It was a late change but a minor one.

I did make it out to vote this past Tuesday.  I got it over with now and will wait and see if my vote counted.

I did not play the lottery last night no winner so I hear, that means over 1 billion $s.  I would like to win it but my first thing it to buy a ticket.  We will see I will invest $2 just to win a billion or not.

Today we had some rain so it was indeed a 100% chance proven rain.

This afternoon as you can see I am active for a while using words to say nothing but maybe get caught up on some deeds that I have missed this past week.  I hate to feel lazy but sometimes with age, you will just feel that way.

I have to go on LinkedIn and get caught up on my week also,   Facebook, I may or may not go on there.  I have my reasons for saying that.

On Monday morning I have to do some LABs again.  I feel like a gas pump sometimes.

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