Microsoft outlook

I had to go to my Business 365 account and make some adjustments to my Outlook account.  I guess I will have to visit that account more often to keep them happy,

It is not easy to be everywhere at the same time.  Well, let me rethink that statement it is if I would stay electrically instead of bouncing around.  I am getting better at it.

Back into the electronic world.

Eyes of fire

I have been experiencing burning of my eyes the past few days.  I am not sure what is causing it, I thought my eye appointment was next week but it the on the 23rd, the week afterward.  I do still have some swelling of the upper eyelids.  The white of the eye is red streaked also.  I try to stay inside for now and out of the bright sun.  I was talking with someone a couple of days ago and I stated that I regret doing the surgeries now.  It will probably be ok once the swelling is gone and the burning stops.  But for now I have the eyes of fire.

The morning of today, Sunday 10/13

The morning of today, Sunday 10/13 has been so unusual for me that even I can not believe it.

I started the night in my bed, eventually moved back to my recliner from which I spent the majority of the morning sleeping.  I was so tired for some reason that I could not stay awake.  I never left the house, UPS was supposed to deliver a package but never showed but of course the complex being gated he could not get in.  I will be here tomorrow also and will look for him tomorrow.

The sleepiness carried over into the afternoon.  I had YouTube on but I do not remember what I was watching because I kept dropping off to sleep.  I am half awake now.

The morning of today, Sunday 10/13