Soon, within a couple of hours, to bed

In the very near future, I will be preparing for entry into bed and sleep.  I will also be making some preparations for tomorrow’s activities.

So far, for the most part, I am feeling well and ready for the test of life.  As long as I am feeling well and able to do what whatever I want, I will be ok to proceed and accomplish my goals.

I do know that I will be on here for a while, and maybe do some courses from LinkedIn.  I may also run up to Best-Buy but not sure about that part of my day.

Well, for now, let me move into the preparation phase and prepare for the bed scene.

A day to hold

A man or woman

A wrinkle of smoothness

An up in the markets

a down in the markets

Imprisoned or released

In transit for medical review

America by morning

An election in the future

An election to win, the power to have

An election to lose, a power to pass on

May we rejoice and support

May we all stay free and strong.

UPS delivery

Another timely UPS delivery.  I order from Amazon, Instacart, and a few other places that delivery to the door.  I have found that the cost is not that much more costly, and for sure you do not have to stand in line or put up with being run over by carts etc.  Instacart normally deliveries within 1 to 2 hours unless I schedule it at a specific time.  I received part of this order on Wednesday which was the part that I ordered initially.  I   believe in the technology that I did not have for use in my early years.

The morning of today, Friday 10/12

Vision is starting to better.  A long way from perfection but better.  This is my BETTER for today.

The weather was chilled today, but again it is that time of the year.  Yesterday I was running the camera over the top of the trees showing the treetops waving with the wind to a blue sky and no clouds.  Fall is here, the trees will begin to turn soon and the grass will stop growing for the winter.  Many trees will undress for the winter, in the spring will prepare to dress again, and by summer will be fully dressed for the heated days.

Some good news, the minister imprisoned in Turkey has been released and he and his wife should be headed to Germany for a medical review then back to America.  Great news.