From now to then

Tomorrow I will be seeing my doctor, at least one of them.  I will see the eye doctor next week.  Right now my eyes are burning but I understand that is normal.  I will be going to bed shortly so when I get back tomorrow I will comment on my status and move forward from there.

A new day,a new time, a new adventure

I came through the night with a new look into my forward growth.  It is not that much has changed but much improvement has come about.  I am not there just yet but as of now I see much improvement and have been able to see much better this morning.

I await the storm, wind, and rain as it will pass through my area today and tomorrow.  We will get a lot of rain with some wind but I do not see much damage from it.  PCB will be a mess with a Cat 4 knocking at the door.

It will be a new day, a new time, anew adventure, and I will remain positive about my recovery.