The afternoon of today, Monday 10/8

Much has happened today and I am so surprised how today had turned out.  I investigated using search the G5 which will be out later this month with Verizon.  It will be so impressive, technology has made so many strides since the beginning of the space program that JFK started.  If it continues as it is now no telling what will happen in the next few years.  Microsoft has the Azure function which is a massive operation but it will cost for the use.  I have it with my Business Office 365 and I have been looking at it but have not tried to use it.  I am an administrator of my Office 365 system.

I ordered groceries using Instacart which uses a local grocery chain.  I ordered some things from Amazon also.  I do not like going to the store shopping.

For a while last night I sleep on my bed until I woke and decided to go back to the recliner and finish my night out.  Today my eyes have been doing much better, I had thought about going to see my eye doctor, but I do have an appointment with my primary this week and my eye doctor next week.  I think I made the right decision to wait will the visits come about.

For now this is the afternoon of today, Monday 10/8.

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