The morning of today, Sunday 10/7 pt 2

Early this morning I composed part 1 and I was thinking about what I had written then realized that it was the 7th and not the 6th.  Well, I had to go and change the date to 7 vice 6.  Ok so much for mistakes; now that I have eaten I can think more clearly and maybe I can do some good.  Let me try!

I got dressed for today and I drove down to the Waffle House to visit and eat.  I kind of did both then I came home.

I have lost a camera somewhere.  It was not one of my better cameras but it was small and cheap by comparison.  It did take some outstanding pictures.  I do hope it is inside the house somewhere and not at one of the hospitals or my friend’s vehicle.  I am sure if it was in his truck that he would let me know.  The hospitals I am sure not.  I will keep looking for the location and answers.

Keep in mind that this is the morning of today, Sunday 10/7 pt 2.

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