Instructional videos

It tends to drive me nuts when on YouTube someone is presenting an instructional video and the announcer talks 100 wps(words/per/second)  while the listener is trying to keep up and learn something.  There is no way it can be done when it is an Adobe topic.  Then at the end, they say thank you for watching.  lol, I guess I am slow.  Now it is not all the videos that do this but it is saving time when they do I guess.

Billy Bob

I have been trying to reach out to Billy Bob or Sally Mae.  My last contact was when they arrived at the Grand Canyon.  I have been seeing renewed interest in their progressive travel around the country.  I hope to have a contact soon, I am sure they are very busy having fun and doing things out in the canyon area.  Updates forthcoming soon.

The morning of today, Sunday 10/7 pt 2

Early this morning I composed part 1 and I was thinking about what I had written then realized that it was the 7th and not the 6th.  Well, I had to go and change the date to 7 vice 6.  Ok so much for mistakes; now that I have eaten I can think more clearly and maybe I can do some good.  Let me try!

I got dressed for today and I drove down to the Waffle House to visit and eat.  I kind of did both then I came home.

I have lost a camera somewhere.  It was not one of my better cameras but it was small and cheap by comparison.  It did take some outstanding pictures.  I do hope it is inside the house somewhere and not at one of the hospitals or my friend’s vehicle.  I am sure if it was in his truck that he would let me know.  The hospitals I am sure not.  I will keep looking for the location and answers.

Keep in mind that this is the morning of today, Sunday 10/7 pt 2.

The morning of today, Sunday 10/7

Today, a day of a three-day weekend in America,  why? one might ask, well to answer in a layman’s way, Columbus Day falls within the week.  The Government and population like long weekends so it was decided to allow the holiday on Monday and all would work on the 12th.  It is not a privilege or a right just a nicety that we have so the hard non-working Congress could go home and ask the people to vote for them.

Columbus day represents a day for which in 1492 three little ships came ashore and called it America.  A lot has changed since then.  I do not remember it myself as I came a little later in life.

It is the morning of today, Sunday 10/7.