The evening of today, Friday 10/5

My bags are packed and I am ready for my cyber travel in the mothership.  It should arrive in a short while then the travel is on.

I have given thought to something my eye doctor told me about, baby shampoo.  So today I washed each eye group with a wet cloth and baby shampoo.  It worked and cleared my eyes up for a long period of time.  I just did it again so I want to see if it will work through a sleep,  I think it will be much better than it has been either way.

So until later this is the evening of today, Friday 10/5

The later early morning of today, Friday 10/5

Following the comments of the early morning of today, Friday 10/5, I think I have made it this far.  A couple of more aches and pains but I am so used to those that they do not bother me any longer.

If you take a piece of wood and leave it out for a while in the weather it will soon begin to break down and deteriorate beyond any further use.  A body when young and abused will at some point do the same.  We shall never give up or ponder over what use to be but enjoy what is today.

This is my story the later early morning of today, Friday 10/5.

Early morning today, Friday 10/5

I was trying to sleep, but could not.  I am up for a few minutes to see if I can try again.  I wish I had taken a pain pill that the doctor gave me instead of the Melatonin that I normally take.  I do not want to mix them but the dried flakes around the eyes are driving me nuts.  I will make it, I know, as I have the drive.  I just do not have the control.  The doctor did tell me that it will take a while before normal sets in.

It is early morning today, Friday 10/5.