It is time

It is now time to pack my dreams and while I travel through sleep space I will then have means to enjoy myself.

The night with travel in dreams, no government BS to disrupt or contradict rules of freedoms, and rights.

My dreams are now packed away and I move forward to my space of travel.

Turn it up

I can’t believe I was sitting around feeling cold and I could not find a reason for it.  Well I turned the heat on for a while just to so I will not have a chill.  Turn it up. lol.  I will of course have to cool it down for bed time tonight.

I updated my calendar with my new appointments.  I think I will have to locate a couple of other appointments to add to it tomorrow..

A yo yo

I queried the difference between the new iPhone and the  Samsung Note 9.  The results varied in so many ways, cameras, speed, cost, charging problems, and so on.  I think I am still leaning toward the Note 9, not that I will be buying one without much more thought. I saw the comparison as a yo-yo.

Update of a decision will follow at such time that I make a decision.

The morning of today 10/3

To all earthlings from this old cyber traveler.  The morning of today 10/3 an update follows:

Today I went to the doctor for the Post-op, he said to stop using the ointment (a grease as I call it), so I have stopped.  He looked at the eyes and said you look like you have been doing the right things, the stitches are no longer holding anything together so do not rub anything hard.  Come back in three months.

At this point of time, I do not have the vision back fully yet.  The doctor did say that It will take a while before the swelling will go down and the eyes are fully restored.

I am back doing my thing again.  So standby I have to think of something before I write. lol.