A schedule

I am about to finish up all of my routines for today, eat a snack with a drink, then make all efforts to get tired so I can sleep for a few minutes before 4:30am.  I have to meet my ride at 5:45am at the office up the street.  I have to be there by 6:30am check-in, then get processed for carving.  I will not secrete the fact that I have stress feelings about this procedure as I did not the previous.


So perplexed again

I had my computer in the shop a while ago, the technician repaired it and I paid the cost of the repairs.  Today I needed a scanner, do not have one, it is lost in the repairs.  The old hard SSD was changed with an electronic drive.  I have more speed, most of my apps, and plenty of abilities to product material on it.  My scanner is gone, the printer is there which is also the scanner.  I guess I need to be content I did get it back and paid as much as I would have for a new one.  Three desktops and one laptop all missing the scanner.  Maybe I can use a connector and get it to one of the desktops.  Maybe I spoke to soon. lol.

Yesterday, technically accomplished

Yesterday I felt technically accomplished when I used my smart phone with a couple of software platforms that I have on my computers.  Though the end result is basically the same, the use of both via NDI at the same time to present the same information for recording over each system.  With a full HD transmission to both over the cell does cause a slowdown of the projection, however, that can be overcome with different input arrangements.

NDI a NewTec design is awesome.  It reminds me of Microsoft’s Azure.

Concern about tomorrow

I have a concern about the morning of tomorrow.  The second surgery occurs during the morning of tomorrow.  I have to be at the hospital NLT 6:30am.  I assume it is a routine, simple event of which I obligated my eyelids as a target.  If I understood the doctor right he will go in and trim the eyelids as needed to shorten them, then wake me for some reason, knock me out again to complete the procedure.  Following my revival, I can go home to the babysitter of which I have scheduled from 11am to 3pm.  I do not think I will need one longer but in case I can arrange one at that time.  It is my concern about tomorrow that perplexes me today.