The battle goes on in the world of yesteryear

The cry to surrender is loud and clear

Surrender does not honor the fallen so why saith

We shall battle until they cry wolf

We shall honor those that gave all

The cry to surrender is louder and clearer than before

But the battle goes on in the world of yesteryear.


Today I have come to reason with what is currently entangled in my mind’s activity.  Perplexed in so many different directions of thought.  A success with the last surgery, I have been concerned with the one on Wednesday affecting the upper eyelids.  It is just a mind game and I do not play games so I guess I do not understand the problem as it is a simple surgery with, I hope, great results.

Today I received an email from Grammarly with the following comment:

Your Weekly Writing Update

Your vocabulary was quite voluminous last week. You used more unique words than 66% of Grammarly users.

I appreciate this statement very much.  I do not know how I am doing here, but I hope that I am proper as much as I can be.  I know I have many faults with periods and commas but I continue to work on my faults and improve.

A perplexed mind to a mental detox.