Government being unfair update

Government being unfair Update to my previous post:  I realize that I forgot something of importance that I should have entered.

I believe in the law and if you (general term) are guilty of a crime then within the law you need to be charged and tried.  If you make false statements which affect the life of another then you need to face the same.  So without knowing the truth, if she is truthful and this act did, in fact, happen then file charges and go through the process.  If he did not do the crime and you accused him of a wrong to ruin his life falsely then you need to come clean publicly and face the appropriate action under the laws.  I do not know if which is correct, rape is serious, falsely accusing is also serious.

Government being unfair

Normally when I address politic subjects it is in private.  I address all of this to come not as Republican or Democrat, I am who I am.  We have a constitution for a reason, as a rule, to follow when running our government.  The President has powers to support his decisions pre-established and written and approved by many to legalize such support.  One of his duties is to appoint members to the Supreme Court for life.  The full Congress interviews the person and the Senate votes to confirm.

One person, without name, submits a letter to a Democrat member saying that 36 years ago this Judge attempted a rape.  The Democrat member holds the letter until the vote is about to come forth to release, the intent is to sway the mid-term vote to the Democrats.  The person writing the letter is making demands contrary to law on her showing up for a formal interview in support of her claim.  The Judge is being stripped of any of his rights under the law without being proven guilty of a crime.

We are a nation of laws and fairness under the law.  Our country has endured traumatic struggles over the past few years.  We get a president which is interested in improving our way of life and has done just that.  The Democrats have been so negative and inconsiderate during the period since November 2017 and now.  We have spoiled children in the Congress now and have had for the last few years.  Someone forgot to spank them as they were growing up.

We need fairness in our governments, not just that of America but around the world.