The morning of today 9/20

The morning of today 9/20.  What happens today?  Well, I am not really sure myself not that I forgot as I have not but let me state it this way:  I woke, dressed, and went to breakfast at the Waffle House.  I returned home so I could dose on the recliner.  I mainly was waiting for the Schwan’s delivery today.  Wow, my freezer is full now of frozen meals and support foods.  I will eat well for a while now.  Other than this I do not believe anything else came up for me to do.  It is a great day to be positive and alive.

The morning of today 9/20.

The afternoon of today 9/19 update

The afternoon of today 9/19 update.

I received my phone call from the hospital that is doing the surgery on my upper eyelids next week.  I have to be at the hospital again by 6:30am on the 26th.  It is a different hospital and location than the first one, but the surgeon is the same.  I just hope that it goes as good as the last one and with no pain or problems resulting.  They still want me to have a babysitter with another out-of-pocket expense of $300 for 12 hours.  I am applying for a reimbursement of the first $300 then the second one.

The morning of today 9/19

The morning of today 9/19 update.

I received from Amazon my order of 32 oz bag of Pistachios and my Chromakey Green Screen Kit about 11:30am.  I had some damage to the bag of Pistachios but nothing that caused a major concern.

I have inventoried the Chromakey Green Screen Kit but I have not set it up yet.  It is coming soon when I do that for practice and my learning episode.

The afternoon of today 9/20

I did not forget the morning of today I just have to organize it before I go to print.  I just a few minutes ago receive my frozen meals which I ordered last week,  The delivery man is a Marine in the past,  he delivers in my area every other Thursday.  I am sure looking at my full freezer, both the Frigidaire and chest models are full and I have to start eating be it right or wrong.  I ordered a ham and it to was frozen so I put it in the bottom of the Frigidaire to thaw.