The afternoon of today 9/18

My high school class of 1966.  Today, the morning of today 8/18 some of us met for lunch.  I have not seen but maybe one of them for 29 years.  It was a pleasant visit at a good lunch facility.  Even if we look different now some have not changed and others have as I did.  I understand that they do this almost weekly on Tuesday, so I guess I will be following as much s I can.  Very enjoyable.

I am back home now working on a few projects that I have outstanding and I hope to solve a few of them before the evening of today.

It was great, the afternoon of today 9/18 to see all.  Now I have the 800 connections  I will either wait for more to come in or be content with what I have now.

The afternoon of today 9/18.

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