The morning of today

The dark side of light is coming to an end for not, the morning of today.  A restful morning precedes this post.  Ok, so what is going on today?  Well,  Lets see, I have scheduled a repairman to come and repair one of my bathroom sinks.  They just did it not long ago but left parts off and fixed it with crappy replacement parts.  I am going to try to make a few calls to get some money arrangements restructured.  I have a grocery order delivering on Thursday so I may add a few more items to it before they close it out.

My next doctor visit is next Monday, then on Wednesday of next week I will be doing what I did the last week but the upper eyelids.  I so hope that it will go as smooth and painless as the one I did the last week.  Then just visits (follow-ups) will be taking place with many other doctors.

The morning of today 9/17 2BC.

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