The morning of today

The morning of today as I was trying to sleep without prevail, I got up and moved to the living room to the recliner.  I surrounded myself with pillows, propped my legs upon the cushion of a chair.  The big problem is that I am required to sleep on my back with my head propped and legs propped.  I have found that it is much easier to meet this criteria if I use the recliner and not the bed.  Well, once I was in the recliner it was no time that I was sleeping without remembrances of any external forces.  At about 5:30am I woke, relaxed and back hurting a little, I think from the was that I had positioned myself.  I got up and went to the bad, not to sleep but to relax.  I was there until 7:20am.  I am up now and with enthusiasm.

So, the morning of today, dismal as it may seem outside I plan to making the best of it.   I was looking at my eye lids a bit ago and I am happy with the healing process.  The stitches have dissolved and the cut looks like it will remain together.  I do feel a difference in now and before.  The discoloration, and swelling from the surgery has receded to almost nothing.  I hope the one on the 26th will be as comfortable in healing as this one has been.

The morning of today.  Yesterday I started to capture more of the bug flying, in fact, they were two or three of them out playing yesterday.  I doubt any will appear today.

The morning of today 9/16/

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