Useful day

I have been a little busy today, good or bad IDK, but anyway I have accomplished some things.  I am at 792 on my LinkedIn connections.  I did go on LinkedIn today and completed three courses: (Creating Online Video with the iPhone, Affinity Photo: Basic Portrait Retouching, and Landscape Photography: Wide-Angle Lenses)  I currently have a backlog on course completions but I will get back into it soon.

This and that

Yesterday I reported that my eyes were less sore and looked like I had been boxing, today they are less swollen and still look like I have been in a fight.  I will hate to see how the surgery 2 will look when it is completed.  I am doing a video each day so I can remember these days.

I really do not have much news today to bring forth.  I hope within the next half hour that I will have something to pontificate about in a nice way.  I try not to express myself in the negative, but yes I can and do at times.

I just found a new word and part of the meaning seems easy but the way to get there is a challenge.  Decoct I guess tea or coffee would qualify the meaning.