Achievement ahead

The score is growing, I am approaching the 800 milestone achievement on LinkedIn.  It should be either today or tomorrow.  FYI.

Smart watch

I have had this smart watch for a while and knew that I could receive calls and dial out but could never get voice output to permit a communications with another.  A few weeks and I think I noted this, I purchased another watch which was working great with my Samsung 7 phone.  I noted that when called by someone else both watches would activate and one for sure I could treat as if it was a phone within itself.  Today with a little help from a friend, I found that both watches would do the same thing, but of course WiFi can only communicate with one device at a time.  Problem solved I have two smart watches and one dumb smart phone.  Now I see a very suffocated, medically friendly smart watch is now on the marked from APPLE.  I have not priced it yet I am sure it is equal to the cost of both of my watches together or well exceeds the price that I paid.  Am I going to buy one, probably not I am not an APPLY supporter.

Heater at work

87°F outside, 72°F outside, and I am wearing a jacket with a ball cap while freezing.  Yes I am inside the apartment.  I adjusted the temperature inside and switched to the heat.  With the surgery completed and one to go I do not want to get sick.  A precaution that I have taken.  I have had the flu shot a month or so ago.  It is not a major event but it is worth me thinking about.

I said earlier that I had made video of my eyes mainly for my benefit to compare to the next surgery on the 26th.  The doctor did prescribe me a few pain pills and some grease stuff – antibiotic.  I have not used any of the pills yet and hope not to.  I am not a fan of pain pills unless I have to need them.

I am having to sleep on my back at night, and I have elected to sleep in my recliner for that reason.  I did well last night, I set my phone alarm and it permitted me to sleep lite and be awake when the alarm would activate.  I was awake and got up an h our and a half after it went off.  For sure I have no fear.

Surgery 1

The surgery 1 on my eye lids went well, I was down yesterday after I got back home, so I never made an update.  I have some minor discomfort now but nothing to complain about.  Both eyes are swollen and I did make a personal video of them this morning and I can see good for now .  It looks like I have been boxing and received two red and black eyes.  The next bout will be 9/26/2018.