Right or wrong, IDK

The trip to the doctor yesterday was good, come back in 4 months, come off one pill for a week, gave me another pill, and changed one pill.  They ask why I have all of my information so organized in the computer.  Well of course is is changed so often and if you ask me what I am taking you ask me by a different name.  So I will show you what I have and you work from the list.

I am suppose to have out patient surgery tomorrow, Wednesday, on my lower eye lids.  I get a call last evening as the staff was walking out of the door to go home needing more information.  Now I have made the necessary arrangements to get there and back home since I want be able to drive.  She told me that she will call me with the time to be there, which I have already been given a time to be there.  I have friends that share by Atlanta medical facilities, I have never had any luck there.  The local hospitals are better to me and I have better luck with them.

Today is young.  I did get my computer out of the shop yesterday, I do not recognize it because the loop had it messed up.  I am missing much information but I do have backups for no so long ago that I can reinstall.  It all might work out ok.  At least it is faster with the SSD as opposed to the analog drive.  It also has more capacity now than before.  I could have replaced it completely with a new one for the money but this should last a few days I hope.

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